5 phone system features to improve patient satisfaction this winter




This year, according to a survey by NHS England, 34.8% of patients said that they have struggled to get through to someone at their GP practice on the phone. This issue is heightened over the current winter period, with busy surgeries administering an increase in flu jabs and the new coronavirus vaccinations. 

Call volumes are rising fast, and with it comes the prospect of a huge dip in patient satisfaction. To prevent that happening, we’ve compiled a list of 5 phone system features that will improve patient satisfaction in your surgery this winter.

Call queuing

This feature ensures that patients are not left with the frustrating engaged tone when lines are busy. Instead, calls are stacked and patients are virtually placed in a queue. Patients will be told their order in the queue, and with this in mind they can then decide whether to hold or call back later. So constant redialling can be a thing of the past.


Customised greeting & comfort wait messages

Easily engage and communicate with your patients from the first ring, to let them know you’re there for them. A friendly voice can calm tensions and anxieties, so your patients can rely on you to deliver the latest messages such as the latest COVID-19 information. Messages about common reasons to call, such as flu vaccines, can be played to tell patients what they need to hear.


This feature allows patients to be directed towards the right department, with just a touch of a button. For example, they could press 1 for prescriptions, 2 for appointments, and so on. This allows patients to quickly get to where they need to be, without the hassle of needless conversations and repeated explanations. 

Mobile & Softphone applications

Remote working options can be helpful for doctors and staff, should they have to self-isolate. This allows staff to continue working from home, which limits absence and allows more patient calls to be taken. Wait times will largely decrease, as calls can be unaffected by the circumstances, and patient satisfaction will increase. 

Call analytics

This feature allows surgeries to measure and record call volumes, which can help inform decision making. For example, the highest and lowest call volume times can be established, which can be useful when planning work schedules and analysing the need for staff. More staff can be available on the phone in busier times, allowing patient waiting time to be reduced.


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