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The year 2020 has presented many challenges for businesses; both financially and logistically. The global pandemic has forced companies to adapt and move from working in an office to working from home in a very short space of time, and while some companies were prepared to a degree, some were not.

Business owners will have most likely spent the past five months doing what they can to survive. Evaluating finances, taking out loans and trying to avoid redundancies or even bankruptcy has been common practice for many. 
For some companies, it’s been business as usual with the ability to continue working from home, although work may still have dwindled and money still lost. For some companies, being unprepared has resulted in a complete halt on work or at least a lot of wasted time and money trying to adapt. 
To be able to work remotely, staff need the right tools and processes in place, which also comes at a cost. So, what do companies who are struggling financially do about ensuring their staff have the right tools to keep working to the best of their ability?

Introducing the On-Demand Office

While businesses are slowly starting to return to the office, company owners are well aware of how this could all change again. Many companies are still choosing to work from home full time, while others are offering a more flexible option working between the office and remotely. For this to be a success, employees need the right solutions, but there’s no need to panic about costly outlays!

How it works

Every business’ needs are different and even within a business or team the individual’s needs can vary greatly too. That’s why we provide a free agile worker assessment to ensure your team has everything it needs to succeed and you aren’t paying out for equipment or software you don’t use.
Step 1 - We analyse the software, hardware and telecoms needs of your team
Step 2 - Present you with a shopping list style bespoke solution to help your team thrive in whatever environment they’re working in.  
Step 3 - Bundle your services into a flexible financial solution to suit your budget
Step 4 - Provide you with dedicated project and account management, so if you ever have any issues, we’ll be on hand to fix them


Budget - You can pay for what you need monthly, making finances much easier to manage. Customers looking to replace their current solution with a more agile solution, allowing them to work anywhere, could cost around £2,200 per person for hardware, software & support. At DVAD, you can spread the cost over a three-year period, meaning you’ll pay less than £65 per person, per month. 
Security and productivity - At the end of the contract, you will either own the assets or we can refresh them again (every three years) to the latest and best solution available to meet the needs of your team members. Computers have a lifespan of about three years, and while a lot of companies make their laptops and phone systems last longer, what they fail to realise is that their software will be out of date and downtime will also increase because old devices start to break. 
Adaptability - What happens if there’s a need to make big changes again? Be ready for that. Be ready to move between office and home working and do so with a pay-monthly shopping basket of the services that you actually need.
At DVAD, we’re proud to be on hand  for  all your IT solutions. Unlike other companies, we are the only people in the North of England to offer all of the services you need in-house, meaning you can get everything you need from us on just one invoice. 
We’ll analyse the needs of your business, present bespoke solutions and provide dedicated project and account management, so if you ever have any issues, we’ll be on hand to fix them. 
With our free, no-obligation Agile worker assessments, you can rest assured you’re fully prepared for any change that might come your way in the future. And our process is really simple. Just give us a call, we’ll consult with you and carry out your Agile worker assessment, you choose the best payment plan to suit your needs, and we’ll provide your team with the tools they need. 

So, if you’re keen to keep up with the ever-changing world and want the best technology, get in touch. You can contact us on 0800 84 999 84.

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