VOIP Phone Systems - VOIP Telephone Systems for Business

VoIP Telephone Systems: When choosing your new communications platform, it is essential to look to the future to ensure that your investment is protected. With the convergence of voice and data, this means that any new communications platform must be fully capable of supporting Voice over IP (VoIP), where voice can be sent as data packets between locations using an existing wide area data network, including the ability to connect seamlessly to home workers.

The integration of a VoIP telephone system into your company brings about many benefits, quite simply more than a reduction or elimination of charges for local and long distance phone calls. Benefits such as:
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Better worker communication
  • Multiple branch office collaboration
A VoIP telephone system allows you to send and receive phone calls using a computer network. It's a good way for your company to save money on its telephone bills. A call between London and New York costs you the price of a local call with a VoIP telephone system. Provided you have an internet connection a VoIP telephone system is also a convenient way to stay in touch with your teams on the road or at home. In addition to this mobility, VoIP telephone systems have the flexibility to integrate with other Internet-based services in ways a traditional telephone cannot. These include telephony during video/Web conferencing presentations, calendaring and data file exchange.

VoIP telephone systems also boast auto call routing: through a VoIP telephone solution it gets even easier for employees who work at multiple locations within your company. By "signing in" to any phone on your network, all their calls are automatically routed to them - no need to set up forwarding rules or reassign numbers. For corporate trainers, engineers, IT staff, and other employees who routinely visit multiple offices, this is a huge improvement.

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