Phone Systems for GP Surgeries

GP Surgeries Phone Solutions

Simple telephone access to a doctor is vital for patients when they are unwell—and managing the challenge of answering those patients’ calls is key for busy GP practice staff.
Equal access to primary care for all patients is at the heart of new guidelines and this includes effective and efficient telephone and communication systems.

Direct Voice and Data has solutions to help busy GP practices meet the needs of patients and resolve CQC compliance issues around accessing healthcare services.

Benefits of a Direct Voice and Data GP solutions system

Improved patient communication Communication Solutions for GP Surgeries

Increased accessibility
Staff efficiency and reduced workloads
Cost saving
Reduces patient complaints
Lower stress and abuse levels for staff

Patient Access

Providing a telephony solution that ensures patients do not receive the engaged tone, which is frustrating and are answered in order is an ideal solution. The Patient has the informed choice of waiting to be answered or to call at a later time which removes the need for constant redialling.

Avoidance of unplanned admissions

This continuous required CQC standard is fully met by all our telephony systems.

Call recording

Our cost effective solution allows full or partial recording across all telephony lines.

Integration of mobiles into system

Direct Voice and Data telephony systems can integrate mobile phones into the static system. This ensures that staff can be connected on a 24/7 basis if required.

Messages for patients

The systems allow Practice staff to inform Patients of important information including Flu vaccination programmes and notification when all appointments are booked for that day.

Call statistics 

Management information picks up call volumes to ensure Reception staff can meet demands when required.
All GP practices have different requirements – by working closely with you, Direct Voice and Data will create a communications solution to meet your specific current and future needs.