Non Geographical Numbers - Call Packages

Direct Voice and Data can provide business calls and lines packages tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of your business.. From single analogue business lines to complex multi-site solutions, we offer a range of products and services that can grow with your business.

Our calls packages are highly competitive and can really help to cut your costs significantly. Whether you need  the installation of new lines or want to transfer your existing services, Direct Voice and Data makes everything quick and easy with no disruption to your business operations.

We can offer very competitive rates for both line rental and the calls.
  • There is no connection charge per call
  • Calls are billed by the second.

Cost of Phone calls Mar 2012

There are many different phone numbers today having varying costs attached to them.  Different operators usually price within the bands detailed below :

01 and 02 numbers   
Geographical numbers relating to specific locations in the UK.  These numbers are used for residential and business premises.
Costs    vary depending on provider and volume, can be sub 1p per minute upto 9p per minute calling from a landline. Some Networks can charge a setup fee per call and call charges can vary depending on time of day.
03 numbers       
UK wide geographic numbers, many organisations use 03 numbers as an alternative to more expensive 08 numbers.
Cost            Calls cost no more than to  geographic numbers (01 and 02) and must be included in any minute bundle.

030 numbers        Not for profit organisations, charities and public bodies to offer consumers a single point of contact nationally. The BBC, Oxfam Relate and The Metropolitan Police are examples of users of these numbers.
Cost - Calls cost no more than to  geographic numbers (01 and 02) and must be included in any minute bundle.

07 numbers      
Mobile numbers typically not included in free call packages. Costs vary according to the call plan chosen.
Costs - Between 8p 1n3 40p per minute

070 numbers    Personal numbers, these are different from mobile numbers and calls to them are more expensive. They can be used for a “follow me service where calls are diverted from another number. Small businesses and sole traders use these to ensure they can easily manage their calls.
Costs - Between 11p and 50p per minute if calling from a landline, up to £1.50 from a mobile

08 numbers   
0800 and 0808    Businesses and organisations use Freephone numbers including some help lines
Costs - Calls are normally free of charge from landlines but charges are currently incurred when phoning from a mobile. When ringing from a mobile there must be an announcement before the call is connected telling the caller that there will be a charge, typically about 40p per minute.

Chargeable 08 business rate numbers    Used by business for sales, enquiry and customer services
0843, 0844 and 0845
Cost - charged between 1p and 13p from a landline, between 20p and 41p per minute from a mobile.

Calls from fixed Networks charge  cost no more than a national rate call, and may count towards inclusive minutes. From mobile Networks costs are higher.

0871, 0872, 0873   
Costs - between 5p and 12.5p per minute from landlines, from am mobile costs may be between 25p and 41p per minute

Premium Rate Numbers       
09 mainly used for competitions, TV voting , Horoscopes, adult lines. You can bar these numbers from being dialled from your phone. The numbers are regulated by PhonepayPlus.
Costs - typically between 10p and £1.65p per minute for land line customers but considerably more from a mobile.

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