15-05-2017 | Stop Ransomware in it's tracks


Ransomware is one of the most talked about and publicised security threats in the modern era. What started as a few high-profile attacks caused by a handful of malware variants has developed into a virulent threat landscape in which increasingly unskilled attackers are able to execute highly effective ransomware campaigns against organisations of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Small-to-midsize businesses disproportionately fall victim to ransomware, as they often lack the technical skills and tools needed to prevent infection.  According to research, more than 50 percent of small and midsize businesses have fallen victim to ransomware.

Direct Voice and Data have teamed up with WatchGaurd and with their winning solutions, organisations of all sizes can now defend against advanced malware threats, including ransomware attacks. 

CLICK HERE to read 'three best practice tips' to preventing ransomware attacks. 

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