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Companies located within the Leeds City Region are now eligible for financial support to invest in technology to grow their businesses.

Digital Enterprise is a new government backed scheme offering up to £5,000 of funding to SMEs looking to upgrade their digital technology and improve their operational performance, the scheme provides a great level of funding to those businesses eligible to receive it. 

From January 2017 Companies are being invited to apply for the Digital Enterprise Voucher Scheme which can be used to buy IT, telecoms hardware or software as well as upgrades to digital connectivity.

With Vouchers ranging from £1,000 to £5,000 companies can receive an incredible 50% contribution towards their investment in new technology, whether that is upgrading their internet connectivity, implementing a VOIP system or purchasing hardware.

Digital Enterprise provides a great opportunity for companies to consider investing in their technology which will improve their efficiency and performance whilst also enhancing their growth prospects.

Where is the ‘Leeds City Region’?

Firms applying for the funding must be based within the Leeds city region i.e. have their headquarters or main operation centre within one of the following local authority districts;

Businesses applying for a voucher will need to indicate how their investment will generate a positive economic impact.  See below a list of the common types of economic impact that may result from an investment in digital technology:


o   Number of jobs created

o   Increase in turnover

o   Increase in profitability

o   Increase in efficiency

o   Increase in speed and quality of digital connectivity – where relevant

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