Bespoke Music On Hold - Branded Voice Hold Messages

Everyone knows music on hold can either enhance your Company or have a detrimental impact on callers.

After the receptionist speaks to the caller, your Music on Hold is the next and potentially one of the lasting impressions callers have when telephoning your Company. Cliches, crackling sound, Greensleeves or silence “Am I still connected”  do not help with customer confidence.  
At Direct Voice and Data we offer a bespoke solution to ensure you are able to promote professionalism and the correct Company message to all callers.

You can use our mixer to compare music and voice types to achieve the best mix for your business, our Music On Hold truly is a cut above the standard Muzac or worse still the intermittent Beep. All our Music On Hold is royalty free – so you won’t have to pay anything extra to use the facility.

On Hold marketing / comfort messages

A good quality On hold music with bespoke marketing messages gives a continuous message to your customers. If you’re considering adding music on hold, how about adding bespoke on-hold messages too.

You get:
  • Bespoke music tracks written and produced by experienced composers
  • Branded voice hold messages to promote your Companies products
  • An alternative to poor quality sound, beeps or silence
  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Copyright free music