IT Security

Reliable and Cost Effective IT Security

A secure, reliable and cost effective environment is crucial to business, but the increased use of social media by organisations, and some personnel requiring access to the internet to complete their tasks, introduces substantial risks to the network and data.. 
   Direct Voice and Data - IT Security
By combining leading brands like Barracuda, WatchGuard, AVG and Draytek, Direct Voice and Data can provide reliable and cost effective IT Security environment for your business.

Spam Filtering

What exactly is “spam”?
It is estimated that at least 80% of all world email is spam. That is – worthless information sent in bulk to an indiscriminate set of recipients without their consent. Its purpose is always to make money.
At best spam emails are a nuisance and time consuming to delete, but they also may have the intention of spreading viruses or spyware.
How can spam be stopped?
Spam filters – software programmes to analyse and assess incoming messages and block 97% of junk email before it reaches you, your staff or your IT systems – will help in the fight against spam
Direct Voice and Data can provide tailored spam protection to help reduce the amount of spam your organisation receives, through our partnerships with leading security solutions providers.
A spam filter will manage and filter all inbound and outbound email traffic, and protect your organisation from email-borne threats and data leaks. As a complete email management solution, a spam filter will allow you to encrypt messages and leverage the cloud to spool email if mail servers become unavailable.

Anti-Virus software

What are computer viruses?
The term “computer viruses” covers all unwanted invaders that can access your IT network with the intent of harming it. This includes worms, Trojan horses and Spyware. They can delete files, access personal data or use your computer to attack other computers.
How do they access devices?
Anyone opening an infected email, accidentally clicking on an unsafe link on a webpage or downloading an infected file can introduce a virus to the network. Your devices may be vulnerable to attack.
Can they be prevented?
Having robust and effective anti-virus software is essential to prevent viruses attacking your network. With criminals continually finding new ways to find weaknesses in your systems, keeping up to date with anti-virus software is the best defence.   
Direct Voice and Data offers a cloud or server based centrally controlled anti-virus system to protect, update and manage all your devices. This will ensure a proactive approach to ensuring antivirus, Windows or other software is kept up to date. We offer antivirus protection for both individual PCs and servers.


What is a firewall?
Firewalls are systems designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from a private network. They can be software or hardware, or a combination of both.
Why are they used?
All businesses have banking transactions and other documents that may be of interest to others and which may be exploited by computer hackers.
Firewalls may be used to prevent these unauthorised users from connecting to your private network, particularly an intranet. All messages through your intranet should pass through a firewall – it examines each one and blocks any that do not meet specified security criteria.
By using secure authentication certificates and logins a firewall can allow remote access to a private network, meaning employees may access documents when away from the workplace. 
Direct Voice and Data will work closely with your business to create the ideal firewall configuration of hardware and software. We will ensure your business is protected from hijackers, while allowing access to authorised parties.