IT Infrastructure

What is IT Infrastructure?

Direct Voice and Data provides all the components required for an organisation to deliver IT solutions and services to its employees, partners and customers.
We help organisations set up internal solutions and deploy within your own facilities.. 
   Direct Voice and Data - IT Infrastructure

Our IT Infrastructure services cover 6 key elements:

1. The physical cabling

A secure and reliable cabling infrastructure is essential for growing businesses to ensure their voice and data communication applications are able to accommodate any future changes.

Because industry standards require the infrastructure to utilise high performance products and be installed to the highest possible quality,

Direct Voice and Data complete computer network installation service includes:

Cable infrastructure
Infrastructure design
Testing of both voice and data cabling
Wireless solutions

2. The components that join everyone together (routers, hubs, switches)

Once the cabling is in place it is devices like hubs, switches, routers and firewalls that create a network infrastructure – the backbone of a business’ infrastructure. We ensure that this is reliable and secure.
With this in mind, Direct Voice and Data combines its knowledge with that of leading brands including Netgear and Draytek, to create a network infrastructure capable of meeting increased demands as your business grows.

3. The server infrastructure

Any business with 2 or more computers should consider using a server system. It helps run your business more efficiently, keeps data more secure and allows you to communicate more professionally with your customers.
Our expertise in combining the latest leading manufacturers’ hardware and Microsoft® server software enables Direct Voice and Data to design a secure, reliable, affordable business server infrastructure to manage all users’ devices such as PCs, laptops and tablets.

4. Virtualisation

Virtualisation is the process that allows businesses to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical computer by sharing the physical resources (Processor, Memory and Hard Disks).
It brings a high degree of flexibility to your IT infrastructure and by consolidating multiple severs into a simpler environment, offers cost savings to your business.
Because the virtual environments exist on your network in exactly the same way as any other computer, they can be managed and controlled in exactly the same way.

5. Connectivity

Connections to the outside world are critical. Supply chain management, client services, voice solutions and integrated web solutions all need fast, reliable, cost effective and stable connections. Without them, any organisation will fail to operate effectively.
Direct Voice and Data can provide and manage the right package for your business.

Leased Lines
Wireless leased lines and Solutions
Fibre to the cabinet
Ethernet in the First Mile
Ethernet over Fibre to the cabinet
SIP trunks

6. Relocation Services

Relocating or expanding a business into new premises can be time-consuming.
As well as moving the furniture, the whole IT and telecoms system need to be packed up, transported and rebuilt on the new site. Combined with the added pressure of keeping staff operational during normal business hours and the business operational, the process can be demanding and stressful.
Having assisted many businesses in this process Direct Voice and Data has the experience and expertise to ensure the smooth running of the IT transfer; allowing business owners to focus on other aspects of the move.