Home Workers and Multi Office

Ability to work from home or alternative location, ideal for bad weather conditions.

Turn any phone into your office phone from a PC with  internet access.

Presence makes collaboration easier for remote employees.

Increase productivity by reducing or eliminating travel time.

PC based telephony improves communication and reduces call costs when travelling abroad.

Save costs of office rental and furnishing.

Remote working / home worker utilising an IP phone to connect the office telephone system over the Internet without requiring any special equipment other than a standard broadband connection.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an IP phone with software built in allowing secure remote IP phone connection to the office system. A router  is required capable of providing VPN connectivity.

Multi site connectivity

For businesses with more than one location, it is possible to deliver a continuous operation. In the event of a power outage, users with IP phones can automatically fail over to another site and still retain full communications capabilities. Voicemail can also have redundancy built in so that a back up solution is always available.