Call Recording Solutions - SME Business Market Area

Call Recording available to the small and medium sized business for reliably recording calls. 

Our service allows recording of between 2 and 60 simultaneous calls at one site. If you recognise the advantages of call centre recording but don’t yet require the more advanced features of a Business or Enterprise solution, such as call logging or quality monitoring. All our systems have centralised hardware based recording product so it does not have any of the problems associated with solutions that rely on users’ PCs to access recordings and, because it’s based on the same technology we employ for larger organisations, it’s just as reliable.

We supply a scalable telephone call recording solution. It has been designed specifically for those small to medium sized businesses who are aiming to deliver a more professional and effective service by:
•    cataloguing customer interactions
•    maintaining a record of communication
•    achieving compliance
•    indemnifying against costly disputes
•    improving training
•    extension searching
•    call logging
•    quality monitoring

Large Enterprises

Call Recording for large Enterprises has been designed to exacting standards and provides a resilient call recording solution for the most challenging and intricate requirements. With the capability to record across any number of lines and sites, this solution can handle up to 2400 calls simultaneously from a single chassis. It provides a powerful call centre recording capability, including features such as systems integration, centralised servers with remote nodes, screen and activity monitoring with workforce optimisation.100% availability is achieved through paired / teamed servers.

Complete call recording

Direct Voice and Data Call Recording offering is a legally admissible call-recording solution which according to your requirements can record all or just a selection of calls. You can choose to record or not to record calls based upon the caller’s phone number, user’s extension, DDI, time of day or date.

 Web based  Using your web-browser, Call Recording can be accessed from any PC on the network without the
need for installation of software.

 Archiving  Important recordings can be archived. Once archived, recordings are kept indefinitely. The software can be setup to automatically delete un-archived record-ings after a certain number of days, weeks, months or years
 Reports  Liquid Recording includes a complete call logging / reporting package for all your call analysis requirements. Reports on call volumes, call duration, response times, trunk utilisation, call costs, extension usage, team efficiency, call-routing and for call-tracing are all included.
Searching Recordings can be easily searched for, located and played back. Searches can be performed on call date, call time, call duration, user who took the call, team who took the call, extension, caller’s phone number, called number, call-direction and notes.
Indexing Just like emails in Outlook, call recordings can be arranged into fold¬ers for quick retrieval.
Notes Notes can be added to any recording. You can later search on and view these notes.
Email Send a copy of a recording via email.
Save recordings  If needed, recordings can be saved to a file.
Audit history A full audit history is kept for each recording including creation, adding of notes, deletion, playback, archiving, emailing and saving to disk.
Own recording access Users can be given access to their recordings, allowing them to review their own calls without the assistance of a supervisor or manager.
Windows security The system supports windows security, avoiding the need for users to remember any additional passwords.
Variable playback speed Call recordings can be sped up or slowed down when played back.
Independent playback The caller’s and user’s audio can be played back independently, mak¬ing it much easier to understand the conversation.
Backup Recordings can be backed up to DVD, LTO/DLT/VXA tape, WORM disks or online.
Passive The system is entirely passive. Any interruption or problem with the call-recording solution will not affect the operation of the phone system.
Scaleable Liquid Recording will grow with your business. The system can easily be upgraded to record extra lines as you add them.