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Fast, Reliable Broadband

At Direct Voice and Data, we understand that businesses today totally rely on their broadband connection. We do too. 

It needs to be fast to make sure your operations run smoothly with no frustrating delays and provide a platform on which your business can develop. 

All too often companies contact us bemoaning the amount of time and productivity they are losing with slow or patchy connectivity.  The good news is you DO have a choice!

So, call us today we will come and talk to you about speeding up your broadband and give you all your broadband options which will best suit your particular needs.
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There is no better time than NOW to upgrade your broadband.

Why do businesses need faster broadband?

‘Consumer standard’ broadband prevents businesses operating to their full potential, especially when several people may be using the internet connection for different purposes all the time. The connection becomes slower, creating delays and frustrations – ultimately adding costs to the business.

Faster broadband allows all employees to be online simultaneously with the same quality of online service and without disruption. 

Are there any other advantages to faster broadband?
Yes, many! 
Allows staff to access large data files, media files or presentations, at an instant and simultaneously, from any location.
Makes remote and flexible working effective; reducing travel time and improving daily productivity.
Delivers high definition video conferencing, saving money on business travel by using high quality video and audio broadcasts to staff and customers, both in the UK and abroad.
Provides a platform on which to invest in online marketing, promote growth and create new employment opportunities.
Allows crucial daytime back-up, without disruption to other business services. This not only saves time but also enhances security.

How can Direct Voice and Data help businesses to switch to faster broadband?
We offer several different options for your business. In addition, we offer 24/7 support, identifying and resolving any faults that may occur, ensuring you're back up and running as quickly as possible. 
To learn more about switching to high grade broadband and having a strong platform on which your business can grow -
please contact our broadband team on 0800 84 999 84 - remember to quote code DVD3000